Privacy Policy

JapanWork, Inc. ("Company") believes that it is a social responsibility to properly protect customer information. Therefore, we comply with the personal information protection laws and other relevant laws and guidelines for the information of customers who use “JapanWork” (“Service”) provided and operated by our Company. We will establish a privacy policy ("Policy") as follows and treat personal information carefully. In order to use this service, you must read and agree to the Policy.
If there is a difference between Policy in Japanese and Policy in English, Policy in Japanese is considered right. If you want to check Policy in Japanese, please click this link.

Clause 1 (Definition of personal information)

In this Policy, "personal information" means personal information defined in Clause 2, Section 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Personal Information Protection Act").

Clause 2 (Personal information collected by this Service)

In this Service, our Company will collect the following personal information from our customers.
Street address
Phone number
Email address
Date of birth
Residence card information
Other information that the customer enters into our registration form

Clause 3 (Purpose of use)

1. Our Company will not use your personal information acquired through the use of this Service beyond the scope of the purpose of use without your consent. Our Company will properly handle personal information acquired by our Company within the scope of the following purposes.

2. When permitted by law, the Company may mutually provide personal information with partner companies or other third parties to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Clause 4 (Use of cookies and localStorage)

1. About cookies and localStorage
JapanWork uses cookies and localStorage to protect the privacy of users, improve convenience, deliver advertisements and retrieve statistical data. Moreover, among the information collected using cookies, localStorage, JavaScript, etc., attribute information such as age, gender, occupation, residence area, etc. that cannot be used to identify individuals (limited to information which cannot be used to identify individuals even when combined), terminal information, user's action history in JapanWork service site (URLs accessed, content, reference order, etc.) and location information (Cookies, localStorage and other access logs, attribute information, terminal information, action history and location information are collectively referred to as "user information" henceforth.) based on user's consent and application when using smartphone, etc. may be obtained. However, cookie, localStorage and user information do not contain any personal information.
JapanWork’s service also uses behavioral targeting advertising services to deliver the appropriate ad to users. Companies displaying advertisements on the websites operated by JapanWork may set and access cookies and localStorage on JapanWork’s service. In this case, the use of cookie and localStorage by the advertiser will be conducted in accordance with the advertiser's own privacy policy. Advertisers and other companies cannot access JapanWork's cookies and localStorage.
Cookies and localStorage are the information recorded on the hard disk of the computer, and it can usually be disabled by your browser settings. If you refuse all cookies and localStorage, part of JapanWork’s service may not be available.
2. About opting out (invalidation) of cookies and localStorage
If you want to disable the behavioral targeting advertising service by cookies and localStorage information, please visit the opt-out page below and follow the instructions.
(The opt-out feature may not be available when accessing from a mobile phone)

【Opt-out pages outside of JapanWork’s service】
Adcloud, Inc.
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Silver Egg Technology Co., Ltd.
Scigineer Inc.
FreakOut Holdings, inc.
i-mobile Co., Ltd.
Geniee, Inc.
Omnibus K.K.
F@n Communications, Inc.

Clause 5 (Acquisition of personal information)

Our Company will properly obtain personal information and not by false or other fraudulent means. If our Company acquires your personal information by means other than by using this Service, our Company will notify or announce in advance its purpose of use.

Clause 6 (Information gathering module)

This Service incorporates the following information gathering module to analyze user information. Along with this, our Company will provide user information to the following information gathering module provider. This information gathering module uses cookies, etc. to collect user information without including personal identification information and the collected information is managed based on the privacy policy of the information gathering module provider described in No. 2. (For details, please refer to the privacy policy, etc. of each information gathering module provider.)

(1) Name of information gathering module
1 Google Analytics
(2) Provider of information gathering module
2 Google, Inc.

Clause 7 (Disclosure and Sharing of Personal Information)

Our Company will not disclose or share personal information with third parties unless the customer consents, except when disclosure is permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations. However, the following cases will be excluded.

Clause 8 (Disclosure and correction of information)

1. If you would like to request disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of the personal information that you provided in writing, please mail the application form specified by our Company along with the necessary documents for identity verification (If the request is made by an agent, confirmation of being an appropriate agent). If requesting for disclosure or notification of purpose of use in writing, a fee in the amount of ¥1,000 (including tax) will be charged for each application.
2. Our Company will disclose personal information, etc. within a reasonable range if you mailed an application according to the previous section and when your identity is verified. However, the information will not be disclosed if the Company is not obligated to disclose information under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws and regulations.
3. When there is a change in the municipality or other names, postal code, name of financial institution, or expiration date of credit card, etc., and if the information is necessary for paying for our Company’s fee and if the change is obvious, our Company may correct the registered information to the information after the change.

Clause 9 (Suspension and Removal of Personal Information)

1. When our Company is asked by the user to correct the personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Act for the reason that the personal information is not true, and if it is requested to suspend its use based on the Personal Information Protection Act on the grounds that the information is being handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use announced in advance or the information has been collected by false or other means of fraud, necessary investigations will be conducted without delay after confirming that the request is made by the user, and based on the result, the personal information will be suspended or deleted, and the user will be notified accordingly. If it is decided not to suspend or delete on the basis of a rational reason, we will notify the user to that effect. 2. If our Company is not obligated to make corrections or discontinue use under the Personal Information Protection Act or other laws, the provisions of the preceding paragraph will not apply.

Clause 10 (Contact)

If you have any comments, questions, complaints regarding the handling of personal information or other matters regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the following :
Japan Work Inc.
TEL: 050-3188-0386

Clause 11 (Changes to this Policy)

Our Company shall review the operation situation regarding the handling of personal information as appropriate and strive for continuous improvement, and may change this policy without the prior consent of the customer if necessary. This revised Policy will take effect immediately after publication on our website unless otherwise specified by the Company. If you use this Service, you are deemed to have agreed to the latest Policy, so please be sure to check the latest Policy before using this Service. However, when we make changes that require our customers' consent under the law, we will obtain your consent according to the method defined by our Company.

Date of enactment [2019年5月29日]